The New Earth

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Aligning with the New Earth

It is not enough to simply “want” to live in the New Earth, for your entire human existence within the old 3D earth CREATED reality you have been TAUGHT over and over how to contain and suppress your energetic signature. You have anchored many lower dimensional frequencies within your cellular structure and they work to blind you to their true nature at all times. All of the CREATED old 3D earth reality is set up to both re-enforce these frequencies and to allow others around you in human form to re-anchor these lower dimensional frequencies around you, within you and through you. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race are no longer resident upon or within planet earth, their energetic signature too low to survive in the higher dimensional frequencies now anchoring upon and within planet earth. Their teachings however still exist, albeit this is dissolving, it is still being held in place within the cellular structure of your human vehicle until you consciously begin to illuminate and dissolve it from within.

At a human conscious waking mind level this may invoke great fear within you and may see many emotions arise within you and these are the distorted frequencies working to lower your energetic signature by showing you only the human form that is presented to you. EVERY person in your waking life experience is an energy that at SOUL level KNOWS that which they are “playing” out, which roles and with whom. This should be seen as the gift that it is in TRUTH, for without these energies remaining what may be termed “asleep”, you would not be able to remember at a human conscious waking mind level your own power and LIGHT. SOUL choice is to be honoured at all times, all that occurs within your human life experience is by DESIGN it is not by accident nor co-incidence, the universe is by DESIGN. You have been taught within the old 3D earth reality to create within “linear logic”, this is not supported in the New Earth for it works against the natural DESIGN and multi dimensionality of the flow of the universal energies.

This KNOWing will be anchored at various levels within your human vehicle as you move into and through this process. This process will allow you to move fully out of “only” human SELF and embrace and balance your GALACTIC SELF with your human SELF. This again allows for you to anchor TRUTH to new levels within your human vehicle, expanding and deepening your human life experience at an outer waking reality level. In order to align fully with the New Earth your SOUL will place various events, people and places in your outer waking reality in order to illuminate the distorted lower dimensional frequencies and also to create the 3D overlays needed in order to create the physical meeting of your SOUL family in their human form.

It is vital that as you move through this process that at all times YOU let go and ALLOW FLOW, for the flow of the universal energies allows for the birth of miracles into, within and through this your human life experience. The old 3D earth will try at all times to teach you that you must plan, you must control and that you must manipulate those around you in order that you attain your “goal” and this is not TRUTH and is not supported. Focusing on the LOVE that IS and moving fully into your HEART space will see you expand and grow at ALL levels of your BEing. To remain within the teachings of the old 3D earth will see frustration, anxiety and at times anger arise within you. These frequencies work to lower your energetic signature and should be taken as a sign that there ARE lower dimensional frequencies that are running hidden within your energy signature.

The New Earth higher dimensional frequencies will work at ALL times to illuminate that which you have been blind to within the old 3D earth paradigms, at all times it is YOUr choice as to whether to allow these frequencies to run unchecked within your cellular structure or to take steps to dissolve them completely. It should be noted that dissolving will always see a shift in your outer waking reality. There is no servitude in entering this process with the notion that you will “keep” some parts of your life and “get rid” of other parts of it. Change is a NATURAL process and one that you have been taught within the old 3D earth paradigms to fear and to step away from. It is precisely because of these deep teachings that YOUr SOUL is guiding the process so clearly. It may make little logical sense to walk the path the way YOUr SOUL is guiding you but only your SOUL has the bigger picture at all times. Again this works to highlight the blind spots which may at times take your breath away when illuminate for you and around you.

Natural Cycles and Rhythms in the New Earth

It is to be noted that ALL within the old 3D earth paradigms is created in order to suppress and contain you, often the ways in which this process is anchored remains hidden in plain view. It is the very BASICS of the human life experience that must be challenged and explored in order for these hidden teachings to be illuminated with a view to dissolving and fully disconnecting from them. Without disconnecting from and fully dissolving you will be unable to move fully into the New Earth for ONLY TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.

ALL that is not TRUTH will dissolve, ALL that IS TRUTH will remain

It is not TRUTH to anchor the calendar as it is taught to you in the old 3D earth reality. There are not NATURALLY 365 days in a calendar year, just as there is not in TRUTH 12 months to the calendar year. I would guide you to process ALL information on this website through the HEART space for how you FEEL will show you TRUTH at all times. There is a natural cycle and rhythm that exists within, around and through the human vehicle, this is the natural rhythm and flow of the universe and the frequencies in said universe. The UNIVERSE OF 3 is a supportive energetic space and part of the transition process that sees you dissolve the old 3D earth paradigms and prepare for entry into the New Earth in TRUTH will see you dissolve that which is not natural. This will see you cover EVERY aspect of the human life experience for none of the old 3D earth can be taken with you into the New Earth. This has seen many fall in vibration and search their human logical minds in an attempt to work out how you can possibly move from one reality to another and leave everything behind. Some have taken this literally and have created scenarios that attempt to show them they will physically leave this earth to go to another earth. This is not TRUTH for ALL is overlaid on ALL in the NOW moment. EVERYONE in the entire human race lives and exists in a separate personally created dimensional reality from everyone else. It may APPEAR that your life involves others but this is simply the 3D overlays that are created that see people move in and out of your life. This is done at a frequency level and causes much confusion to the human logical mind.

As you move through the transition process you will challenge all parts of your human life experience. Perhaps one of the most challenging that may present itself to you is that of LINEAR TIME, for it is a construct. As I have stated the 365 days of a year is NOT TRUTH, it was created by the old 3D earth reality in order to DISRUPT the natural flow of frequency through your human vehicle. ALL within the old 3D earth reality is set up to distort your frequency. The natural rhythms of the universe can be seen in nature (as long as it is wild nature, any domestic animal/bird will take on the routines of the human it lives with and so is OUT of its natural balance), the natural cycles of the weather, of the winds etc. Many of the weather systems that are causing so much anxiety to the human race are simply Mother Nature attempting to come back into her natural flow and cycle of frequency as this was highly distorted under the old dimensional space that she resided in previously.

It may help to view your human vehicle as a frequency, this is discussed on the Whispering Universe website. Frequency will try to resonate with frequency as long as it remains within a certain bandwidth, out with this bandwidth energies will start to repel. Viewing your human vehicle in this way shows much that is hidden in plain view for all that is manifest in your life and your outer waking reality is a manifestation of a FREQUENCY and is not the other way around as taught by the old 3D earth. It is vital that you become more aware of the natural rhythms and cycles in your own human vehicle and how they manifest in your outer waking reality. Many of these cycles are interrupted within the old 3D earth and they are done in a way that appears to be supportive. One of the main ones that affect the human female and hence the human male (for ALL are one and ALL are connected) is in response to her reproductive system. The human vehicle is an amazing structure, capable of creating new life and this is where many of the distortions appear in the guise of support.

If you are in human female form I would ask you to look at your contraception. I would ask you to look at how disrupting your NATURAL cycle will interfere with your entire human life experience. For the processes that see the hormones flow through your human vehicle is that which you create with. It creates a frequency and this frequency is what you create your waking reality from. The contraceptive pill and any other device/drug that interrupts the nature flow of your frequency is working to distort this frequency and contain and suppress your energy signature. The natural cycle of a human reproductive cycle is anything from 28 to 34 days, “modern” medicine seeks to regulate this and to take your human vehicle OUT of its natural creation patterns. It is not for nothing that many in human female form who wish to start a family are told to come off contraception and then allow the body to fall back into a natural rhythm before they can fall pregnant. Many in human female form fall into great fear and anxiety around this natural process but this is because they have allowed themselves to be trained into either stopping the menstrual cycle or altering it hugely. In TRUTH there are only approximately 7 days in any one monthly cycle that a human female can fall pregnant. Add up the days that you are taking hormonal precautions and ask yourself why you need them and more importantly why they are so supported under the old 3D earth paradigms. It is the FEAR of falling pregnant that is used to keep women controlled hormonally, this is started through the teachings that are handed down from parent to child in the teenage years when it is often hammered home to the child how terrible it is to fall pregnant, this is done in the guise of “helping” the child. After all you love your child and only want the best for them, so why then would you fill them full of fear and push them down the road of a chemical control? As many adult human females have found actually getting pregnant can be quite difficult. This of course leads to further fear and anxiety.

Within the cycles of both human males and human females is that of sleep and relaxation, both controlled by the old 3D earth through the creation of the constructs of days, months and years. It is to be noted that the human male will naturally SYNCHRONISE with his human female partner through his frequency aligning with her frequency. I would again highlight that if the human female is using hormonal contraception then her partner CANNOT synchronise with her at a frequency level for her NATURAL frequency is hidden behind the contraception. This works to further disconnect the human male from the human female and this is deliberate within the old 3D earth paradigms. For the old 3D earth works to keep the human female and the human male at odds with one another. At the most obvious levels it is through the language that exists, human language working at ALL times to disconnect and disrupt the human life experience, at deeper levels it prevents the NATURAL connection that exists at higher dimensional levels between ALL.

Corridor between Worlds

In order to walk in the corridor between the old 3D earth CREATED reality and the New Earth you must reach and go beyond stage 4 of the awakening process.

It is not possible to reach the corridor without the experience and the process that emerges in stage 4 of the awakening process for that is the level of coding that is required. ALL is frequency and ALL JUST IS, as I have frequently guided NONE of the old 3D earth can be taken through into the New Earth, the bandwidth of frequencies is too far apart and to try to force the process will have an adverse affect on the human logical mind. At all times this process is DESIGNED and guided by YOUr SOUL in order to preserve your human vehicle and to take it WITH YOU, there is no servitude in trying to walk in the New Earth as energy alone, this is a huge distortion that has been inserted into the old 3D earth and is something that will illuminate clearly as you go through the process. As it is NOT TRUTH to go to the New Earth as energy only with no human vehicle this is not supported and any attempts to do this will simply dissolve and you will remain an energy incarnate into a human vehicle that remains in the old 3D earth outer waking reality.

I highlight this in order to make you aware at a human conscious waking mind level the depth of distortion that exist in ALL 3D earth paradigms no matter the name given to them. TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE. This will be made clear to you by both YOUr SOUL and those races/realms that step forward to make themselves known to you in order to help you. For the walk in the corridor between worlds is a walk that helps you adjust to the CONNECTION that exists multi dimensionally between ALL. It is in the corridor between worlds that you are shown the last residue of the karmic dimensional timelines that you have running at some level within your human vehicle and you are given extra support in order to fully dissolve them. This will see vast amounts of residual emotion begin to release and sees a depth of clarity that is beyond anything you experience up until this point. The patterns that the karmic dimensional timelines have anchored within your outer waking reality are fully illuminated before being cleared.

It is to be noted that as the karmic dimensional timeline residue dissolves then ALL realities upon which they were created also dissolve, this is akin to demolishing a building and may see much shift and move in your outer waking reality. Without a foundation karmic pattern to run from these realities CANNOT exist, therefore VAST changes appear in the outer waking reality, it is vital at this level to work WITH your human vehicle, you may have to sleep for long periods of time as you begin to release the patterns and people may move out of your waking reality at speed. Remember all that connects everything in the universe is the frequency and resonance of said frequency. As you will have dissolved the karmic dimensional timeline frequencies ALL who resonate with these frequencies will also dissolve. Now you are able to understand the process that is reached in level 4 of awakening for without this part of the process you would not at a human conscious waking mind level be able to cope with the change in the outer waking reality that you now experience.

As you walk through the corridor you are able to illuminate and to align fully with YOUr personal New Earth reality. This is birthed as you move through the process, able to move out of the karmic residue and the lower dimensional frequencies. The old 3D earth is fully illuminated at this point and you are able to see how the world works to new levels of your BEing. The races/realms work closely with you energetically at this point in the process, communicating with these Beings becomes second nature and you begin to work with them like you breathe, effortlessly and without much logical thought to the process. What is termed “synchronicity” by the old 3D earth and by many around you becomes a way of life and you actively begin to create your new reality from moment to moment. It is to be noted that at this level of frequency it is not possible to fall too far in frequency and certainly not below the fourth level of awakening, such is the illumination and support that is available energetically.

EDEN Reborn

The New Earth is the symbol of the GARDEN OF EDEN and is now REBORN and BIRTHED in TRUTH upon and within Planet Earth. It is to be noted that the original “garden of Eden” was contained, suppressed and highly distorted and then fed to the human race as the blueprint for humanity. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth.

In order to work with “EDEN REBORN” it is necessary to begin to illuminate in order to then dissolve the distorted frequencies that have been anchored in relation to the original “story” within the old 3D earth created reality. For FREEDOM in TRUTH can only be anchored by dissolving everything that is taught within the old 3D earth created reality.

This section of the website is dedicated to the release of the 3D earth created reality programming in relation to the human female and the human male. For in anchoring the original distortion they have walked parallel to each other but have never been able to SHARE on any level this human life experience through, within and around each other.

This distortion will now begin to dissolve fully upon and within Planet Earth at this time. It may be helpful to read the information in my EXITING THE NEW EARTH BOOK in respect of the roles of the human male and the human female within the old 3D earth created paradigms and in particular to the distortion that is TWIN FLAMES.  This particular frequency is highly distorted and is keeping many within a very contained and suppressed energetic signature. Twin Flame paradigms are NOT TRUTH and are therefore not supported in the New Earth and therefore cannot manifest in the New Earth reality.

GOD & the New Earth

As a channel and a spiritual healer I am open to the higher dimensional frequencies that exist around the human race.  There are many definitions of “GOD” and many would assume that “GOD” has to be used in a religious or spiritual context, this contains and suppresses the energy that is GOD. For GOD created the universe, created the planet and created ALL.

It is not TRUTH to state that GOD can only be found in a church for example, GOD is the creator of ALL therefore the energy of GOD can be found in everything around you from a plant to an animal to yourself.  To sit in awe of GOD is to place yourself beneath and as ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE EQUAL this is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth. There is no hierarchy in the universe, any such hierarchy has been created and taught as such in order to contain and suppress the energy that you are in TRUTH.

Within the old 3D earth ALL was taught to contain and suppress and now in the birth of the New Earth is found TRUTH. I ask you to move into your heart space and FEEL TRUTH, do not be led by others, follow your OWN HEART, for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH.  I place the GOD channellings on the TRUTH CODES blog site along with channelled material brought through from other races and realms as guided by said energies.

If you are running a teaching that states that GOD is the creator therefore has the power to punish I would ask you to understand that GOD created the world from the very fabric of the entire universe, this is the LOVE that IS. No GOD in TRUTH would ever cause pain and suffering in order to receive love, “Created in GOD’s image” translates as created as a reflection of GOD. GOD = the LOVE that IS therefore YOU ARE the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.

The New Earth asks for one entry requirement and this is found within your heart space, it was seeded there upon incarnation as your SOUL knew it would be safe there, it is the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.  As the human race now move into expansion and TRUTH more and more will begin to understand that the teachings found in the old 3D earth construct work against the very nature of said human race.

Challenge everything, from what you have been taught about the world from your parents to what society teaches you and process everything through your HEART space.  This journey into the New Earth is your SOUL’s walk into creating heaven upon earth.  In “heaven” there is only the LOVE that IS, it is to be remembered that “heaven” is where you are at all times for your SOUL resides in what is termed “heaven”,  Therefore aligning fully with your SOUL and allowing yourself to birth your gift here upon the planet equates to birthing heaven upon earth.

Metamorphic Resonance

Expansion is the New Earth and the New Earth is expansion in TRUTH. It cannot be highlighted enough the need to ALLOW this expansion in the myriad of different forms it takes. Within the old 3D earth created reality you were TAUGHT “linear” to such an extent that anything that “falls” out with this concept is almost instantly rejected by the your human logical mind. The transformation and transition process that is overseen by your SOUL at all moments of all moments seeks to address this rejection and YOU will continually work to dissolve the resistance that YOU have been taught to ankhor in response to experiences that do not fall within the “linear” concept.

It may appear that transition is a final stage and nothing can be further from TRUTH, there is no destination that is reached in this your human form upon Planet Earth. This is an old 3D earth teaching that seeks to dis-empower and contain YOU, it is not supported in the New Earth and YOUr SOUL will continually move you through any attempt to re-ankhor this concept. Expansion is only limited by your refusal to allow it to flow through you, around you and through you at all moments of all moments. Nothing is external despite what the reflections around you may attempt to convince you and as you move into full METAMORPHIC RESONANCE then you will begin to ankhor and work with this.

Metamorphic resonance is a frequency that is reached naturally when the human vehicle comes into full CRYSTALLINE alignment, this is completing the change from a carbon based vehicle to that of a crystalline based vehicle. This allows for full multi and inter dimensionality to flow through, around and within your human vehicle and the expansion process to begin in earnest. It is not possible to expand into inter dimensionality without the crystalline structure in place and this will be shown to YOU by your SOUL.

At all times in this process YOU are shown that which is preventing you from expansion, your human logical mind may attempt to try to teach you that you need simply apply logic and the situation will be “solved”, this is a residue, an echo if you will of the “linear concept/construct” and if engaged with will see you tie yourself in mental knots. A process is just this, a process, you would not keep pulling a pie out the oven to see if it was cooked and yet you are allowing the human logical mind to do just this if you try to stop and apply logic at ANY part of this process.

It is to be noted that movement into Metamorphic Resonance only occurs beyond the transition and transformation process, it is not TRUTH to assume that those around you are at the “same” stage in what is often called the “ascension” process and any attempt to hold back and to try to resonate more fully with those around you prevents the very expansion that YOUr SOUL is now asking for. Those around you in human form are NOT YOU and cannot fully experience what it is to BE YOU. Many assume that the process is experienced in similar ways and this is not TRUTH, “assumption” is not your friend in this process but it is TAUGHT to such a deep level within the old 3D earth created reality that you may be shocked to find that you are on some sort of “assumption auto pilot” at many times and becoming more consciously aware of this very human “default” setting on exit from the old 3D earth created reality works to help you adjust to the New Earth frequencies and resulting expansion.

The movement into the New Earth BEGINS with Metamorphic Resonance, it cannot begin until this frequency is aligned with and allowed to fully ankhor and so my work will now reflect this in TRUTH. The process at times may FEEL challenging but this is due to the very heavy and dense vibrational teachings from the old 3D earth created reality that TEACH you to assume that life must be a challenge, letting this concept go is also part of this process. The New Earth JUST IS, it is not something that has to be worked at so much as allowed to FLOW.

For those of you who are now reaching into the bandwidth of Metamorphic Resonance I offer various forms of guidance and these can be accessed through the skype/telephone sessions that I offer. I deliberately do not define what I offer to allow for expansion to flow and simply holding the intention to release and to allow expansion will see the assistance that YOU need at a very human conscious waking mind level appear for you. ALL is frequency and ALL JUST IS.

Transition into the Crystalline Human Vehicle

The transition process is a process that begins when you reach a specific energetic signature frequency and this is at all times overseen by your SOUL. Not all who are incarnate into human form are choosing to move to the New Earth no matter what they state at a human conscious waking mind level. If you are reading these words then you have already chosen. Our work here to support ALL who have chosen at SOUL level to move out of the CREATED old 3D earth reality and into the New Earth in TRUTH.

The initial stage of this process is the movement of your human vehicle from a carbon based human vehicle to one of a CRYSTALLINE based human vehicle. ALL changes taking place from cellular level outwards and at times this may be continually filtered out by your human logical mind. You have been taught deeply within the old 3D earth paradigms and have been taught to hand over both your power and your energy to those around you, this worked to DIS-empower you at all levels of your BEing. Now your SOUL is asking you to accept who YOU ARE in TRUTH. This may see you cycle between the heart space and the logical human mind. It is to be remembered that the human logical mind has NO reference points for this transition process, you have never attempted this in a human form whilst being awake in a human incarnation and all that you have birthed into, that is the old 3D earth reality, seeks to continually teach you that you are mistaken. YOUr HEART space KNOWS TRUTH, the reason you seeded your dream within this space was to protect and nurture your dream, for the old 3D earth reality sought to keep you out of the heart space at all times. This worked to provide a safe haven for your dream, hidden in plain view, at many levels “playing” the old 3D earth at its own game.

Now as your cellular structure begins to “upgrade” you will begin to move through many changes, not least in sleeping patterns, energy levels and nutrition. It is to be remembered that everything within the old 3D earth reality worked to LOWER your energetic signature and the teachings were there to protect this from ever heightening. So it may seem very strange to your human logical mind to begin with why you wish to sleep for long periods of time and stay awake for similarly longer periods of time. The human logical mind having no reference point for sleep other than what was “taught” under the old 3D earth reality. A reality that taught you that sleeping was merely going over and processing the day’s “events”. This is not TRUTH, the sleeping cycle of the human vehicle is there as one of repair. As the body itself repairs your energy detaches from your human vehicle and you etherically do many things (you move back into multi dimensionality). You also detach from human consciousness whilst your body is repairing, this allows you to experience beyond the human form, the “explanation” of this in the old 3D earth reality one of “dreaming”. This is highly distorted and as you will begin to experience during the transition process, vast amounts of information between SOULs, SOUL groups and SOUL family can be shared within the dreamtime platform.,with the human logical mind not being involved and the need to have information at a “linear” level negated.

The dreamtime platform begins to expand dramatically during the transition process, you are beginning from this stage to become more multi dimensional. This will then begin to unfold during your outer waking reality and human conscious waking mind state with many experiences working to anchor within your cellular structure. Energy JUST IS and YOU ARE, the need for water and increased water intake is to help with the “flushing out” of the lower dimensional frequencies, these are excreted in urine and the “overlay” is the need to go to the loo more often. As you work to release trauma this may move to unprecedented levels and you are asked to detach fully from the human logical mind which may try to teach you that something is “wrong”, equating the amount of water drunk with the amount that is excreted. Emotions are stored within the CELLULAR STRUCTURE of the human vehicle, many “weight issues” are in TRUTH unresolved emotion (lower dimensional frequencies) and you may find that as you release these emotion/frequencies then your outer human form will begin to change, sometimes this is quite dramatically.

You are guided at all times to honour your human vehicle, there is no one foodstuff, no one way of working with water or nutrition that works for all, each human vehicle is unique and therefore the nutritional needs of your human vehicle ARE unique. This is another distortion that was taught within the old 3D earth, one of “same” and “one way”. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth. You may find your nutritional needs to be unlike anything you have experienced so far in this your human life experience and these needs may change rapidly as you move through the process. At a cellular level you are changing your human vehicle in order that it may work with and process more LIGHT, think of a crystal and then apply this to your own cellular structure, YOU ARE LIGHT in TRUTH, now you are aligning your SOUL with your human vehicle and your human vehicle with the needs and requirements of your SOUL in TRUTH.

The transition process is ongoing and will continue to expand and deepen as the New Earth energies expand and deepen. It may at the onset be a challenging process to move into but as the process begins to anchor within, around and through you then you will begin to attain a level of clarity unlike anything you have experienced in your human life. There are specific SOUL groups in place upon and within planet earth who are here to anchor the New Earth fully into the outer waking human reality, these SOUL groups SHARE the same dream and will work as a collective to birth HEAVEN upon EARTH with their “personal” created dreams anchored within this.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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