Awakening Sub stages

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Awakening – Stage One

The initial awakening stage may be as simple as beginning to question everything around you. Many people can clearly remember when they “woke up” and refer to feeling that life was somehow “more”. It was the “more” that they set off in search of. It may be that you have a pull to “angels” or you begin to want to find out more about E.Ts or UFO’s. The path that you are awakening to will show you the road you are walking by the subjects that you are interested in.

If you are in this stage you may well wonder how we can help you, many are overwhelmed at this stage, believing that those who have “awoken” some time ago are somehow better informed than they are. Feelings of inferiority may also arise at this stage as those around you may fall into using “jargon” which you are unfamiliar with. We guide at all times that there are NO “silly” questions, ANY question is valid and often there are many who are harbouring the exact same question.

TRUST and FAITH in SELF are vital at this stage as the process of awakening may unconsciously trigger those around you. As we have explained in our blogs and our books the triggering is what is termed a “frequency” overlay, it was created to trigger the human race unconsciously, thereby containing them further. To put it in very simple terms it may make those around you feel uncomfortable but they will not recognise this or even understand why. They may go out of their way to make fun of you or deride your interest, hoping that if they continue with this you will abandon your interest and return to the person they are used to. This serves no one least of all SELF. You will have awoken at the perfect moment that your SOUL has chosen to awaken. As you begin to search for information and question then this will lead you to discover new information and a new way of looking at the world.

Support is ALWAYS available and is given to you in various forms by the universe. You may for example attend a workshop or talk on a subject you are interested in and meet people who become life long friends. Do not allow the old earth to hold you back, you are here in this human form on this planet to EXPAND and GROW, this is always beyond your perceived comfort zone.

For me personally it was a fascination with crystals that led to my full awakening. It is to be realised that you will have awoken at a young age, when you look “back” at your early childhood and younger years you may be able to realise that you had an interest in the very subjects that now fascinate you but were perhaps persuaded by your family to pursue something else. To give you a very simple example, my interest and affiliation with Dragons, as a channel I channel this realm but looking back to my earlier years I used to collect Dragon ornaments and read stories about Dragons. The “clues” if you will are always there often hidden in plain view.

Whenever you feel a bit “lost” at this stage it is advisable to try to find balance. Whether you do this meditating, listening to music or going for walks in nature, be guided by how you FEEL. If you are doing something that makes you FEEL energised and excited then you are following your inner guidance whether you are aware of this or not at conscious waking mind level.

Awakening – Stage Two

This stage moves on from just an “interest” and you may now be actively searching for more information. In this stage you may also begin to experience what is often termed “spiritual” phenomena, this can be anything from becoming more aware of your dream state to “seeing things”. This stage may see you begin to oscillate in frequency as you begin to work with the energies that begin to interact with you. It may be that you become confused as to how to work with the energies and you may begin to question your sanity.

It is not TRUTH to assume that everyone works with energy the way in which you do, often one particular “sense” will begin to deepen for you at this stage. For me personally it was clairsentience, I was able to FEEL intensely. This is still my primary sense and one that is stronger than any other. Working to balance this is ongoing as the New Earth energies begin to expand and deepen these senses.

It is to be remembered that YOU are supported at ALL times and that YOU have chosen at SOUL level the moment to begin to awaken. As the New Earth energies are now fully anchoring the ability to strengthen and to work with YOUr senses will expand rapidly. Being able to anchor that YOU ARE is vital at this stage as the oscillation in frequency, that is moving from the old 3d earth frequencies into the higher dimensional frequencies of the New Earth may see you experience various symptoms. These symptoms should NOT be taken as evidence of your “ascension” process, this is a 3d teaching that seeks to keep you in a continual oscillation of frequency and therefore contained. If YOU experience these symptoms then your human vehicle is attempting to show you that you are ‘OUT OF BALANCE and asks that you come back into balance in order to stay within the FLOW of the New Earth energies.

Symptoms that show your human vehicle is out of balance include (but are not limited to):

Feelings of intense frustration – these can manifest as feeling on edge
Palpitations, rapid heartbeat (please get this checked to rule out any serious health problems)
Vertigo – this may manifest as a “shift” in your surroundings with you being “out of step” with the reality around you
Dizziness – even when sitting down, closing eyes etc.
Thirst – this may be a feeling as if you cannot quench your thirst, fluid intake in various stages of the transition process require VAST amounts of fluid, the Crystalline Human Vehicle is powered with LIGHT not food so adequate fluid intake is vital.
Extreme tiredness – as the human vehicle begins to transform from within then the need to process the information that is ingested at higher levels becomes vital. This is done through sleep. Please honour the need for YOUr human vehicle to rest/sleep at all times.
Ringing/noise in ears – this is the downloading of higher frequencies and codes. Intense ringing is a call for connection as a race/realm/guide requires to speak with you. Ignoring this will make it more intense and I would guide you to adhere to the call and sit in silence in order to receive the information.
Nausea – a feeling of queasiness that comes in what could be termed “waves”. This is an over-active SOLAR PLEXUS and indicates that your human vehicle is processing the I AM. Drinking plenty of fresh water and grounding your energy will work to release the frequencies that are causing the symptoms.

There are many more “symptoms” that can arise as each human vehicle is unique and personal to the energy that has incarnated within said human vehicle. At all times you are asked to detach from these symptoms and become the observer. Trying to “treat” the symptoms is inadvisable as energetic symptoms do not respond to medicine as they exist on a different dimensional plane.

Awakening – Stage Three

It is to be remembered that as YOU move into the New Earth then the “separate” stages of YOUr awakening process may begin to blur and overlap. Multi dimensionality is a completely different frequency to the old 3D earth frequency reality that was created FOR you and moving out of the concept of “linear” has its own stages. Time will begin to break down to the point of it hitting what is termed “zero time”. This is where you are able to BE in the moment and cannot relate to anything prior to this moment. This may see you struggle to understand those around you who are locked into the old 3D earth reality. Making plans may become something that you are unable to interact with as you are no longer able to move your energy signature into the old 3D earth frequencies to access the concept of linear time. Linear time is a FREQUENCY overlay that was inserted into the old 3D earth created reality in order to keep you within a certain frequency containment. As this dissolves you will no longer be able to access nor interact with this frequency.

This allows you to begin to CREATE from within the New Earth higher dimensional frequencies and will see you begin to FEEL this YOUr human life experience to expanding and deepening levels. At this stage of the awakening process you will be able to KNOW when someone is lying to you, the logical human mind may try to filter this out as there may be no “proof” and yet you will FEEL this. At this stage it is vital that you begin to work to sort out the FEELings you are experiencing for as you gain in strength and expand in frequency you will activate your telepathic senses. It is vital that you are able to distinguish between your personal FEELings and of those around you. This will then expand to YOUr SOUL group where you will begin to align to other members of YOUr SOUL group and become increasingly more telepathic with them.

This is the unfolding of the GROUP COLLECTIVE consciousness that is now birthing upon and within planet earth and will see various SOUL groups able to work at multi dimensional levels whilst maintaining their human form upon and within planet earth. This stage is ongoing and will expand in harmony with Mother Earth. Mother Earth provides the FOUNDATION energetic signature for ALL who can walk upon and within the planet. At this stage of the awakening process YOU will begin to interact more on ALL levels of YOUr BEing, with your thoughts and beliefs manifesting at increasingly rapid rates. Dreamtime will begin to take on a multi-dimensional aspect and the ability to “dream within a dream” will begin to anchor. This allows for vast amounts of information from SOUL level to be integrated and processed at a human conscious waking mind level.

This allows for full multi dimensionality to birth through, around and within your human vehicle. At this stage of the awakening process you will almost have completed full CRYSTALLINE activation, this is where your human vehicle is predominantly CRYSTALLINE and no longer adhering to the CREATED rules of the carbon based human vehicle. This allows YOU to process vast amounts of information and will see you able to see through the smoke and mirrors of the old 3D earth created paradigms to deepening levels. YOU will at this stage being also preparing at a human conscious waking mind level for FIRST CONTACT. This requires Mother Earth to be at a corresponding frequency in order to support ALL races/realms that wish to walk in their TRUE FORM upon and within planet earth.

In this stage of awakening you will be downloading the necessary pictorial forms of those the human race share the universe with via dreamtime/visions. You may also be receiving confirmation in the outside waking reality through being referenced animals/insects etc that are the representation of said race upon this planet.

Awakening – Stage Four

In this stage you will now be working at a more multi dimensional level, that is you will become used to experiencing the outer waking reality on different levels simultaneously. The world will begin to reveal “all that is hidden in plain view” at ever deepening and expanding levels and you will be making connections that seem to be very obvious as soon as they illuminate. That is you will no longer be doubting that “ALL ARE ONE” and that “ALL ARE CONNECTED” for you will FEEL this. Those who are here to work with you at a human conscious waking mind level may appear to you in the dreamtime platform then appear in the outer waking reality or vice versa. YOU will be able to FEEL the connection and you may now be anchoring the confidence to move with this at all levels.

Movement at this level is beyond where you will have comfortably walked before, you may already at this level or the level outlined previously began to disconnect fully from your “human” family, understanding that there is a bigger picture and that to realise this bigger picture you must now work to dissolve the WORLD level teachings, these are the teachings that permeate all of human society and will be directly challenged by all around you who are still running them. This may see you disconnect from the social aspects of society preferring to spend increasing amounts of time by yourself but this does not mean that you are lonely, you may crave time alone in order to come fully back into balance energetically and you may seek to flit between the old 3d earth and your blossoming personal reality. At this level of awakening the experience of the old 3d earth reality may become at times a painful one where you can FEEL the tendrils of the old 3d earth teachings try to embed themselves once more into your human vehicle.

By this level of awakening you will be working WITH your human vehicle and will now take steps to disconnect from anything that begins to FEEL remotely uncomfortable. It is not all plain sailing from this level onwards, by this I mean you do not reach this level and sit back and think “aha I am home” for this level is the last level before moving out of the old 3d earth paradigms. The actual walk between worlds is another process that I have covered elsewhere on this website. At this level of awakening you will now begin to see the patterns that are within the old 3d earth and you will begin to disconnect, now realising that to interact with ANY patterns that are created in the lower dimensional frequencies is a dance with illusion.

At a human physical level you may have now begun to fully honour your human vehicle and its needs and may have begun to notice significant changes physically with your human vehicle. This can include significant body shape changes, from losing weight to gaining in strength without the actual physical work out that the old earth seeks to teach is required to maintain human body shape. You may now be moving into multi dimensional flow and working to come into balance by understanding the need to flow at your OWN pace, from taking time to sleep when it is needed to working to create when you FEEL the flow increase within you. This is an expansive level and one where you may fall again in frequency for it is often not very populated at this level of awareness. The need of your human conscious mind to disconnect from ALL patterns may make connecting with those who appear to share ideas difficult as if they have not reached this level of awareness they will seek to re-anchor the very patterns that you will be illuminating and there are no human words to help you at this level. Detaching is all that works for interacting with any lower dimensional frequencies will be too disorientating for you.

By this level of awakening you will have exited from mainstream society, the ability to be able to work at a 9-5 job will have dissolved or will disappear, the frequencies that you are anchoring at this level of awakening do not exist within the bandwidth needed to work within the old 3D earth structures. The ability you have to understand and anchor and work with this begins to illuminate at stage three and you will find the universe is able to support you through other avenues. It is at this level of awareness that you become very aware of why you have incarnated onto this planet and your creativity will be heightened along with your connections to ALL realms/races. You may have disconnected from society at a 3D waking level but you are now more connected than ever to ALL in the universe. Guidance at this level will be frequent and will continue to expand and deepen. This will come through your dreamtime with clear guidance being communicated to you along with the relevant reference points that are needed in the outer waking world. It may be that you have already begun to work at higher levels in the outer waking reality with your SOUL group, telepathy at this level of awareness increases and expands dramatically.

Stage Five – Re-integration

At times during the first four stages of the Awakening process you may have been tempted to believe that you were exiting the old 3D earth created construct in order to leave mainstream human society. So it may be confusing to begin with to be asked to re-integrate back into the human race. Indeed many who enter stage five reject the re-integration and try to remain in stasis, that is in the apparent “isolation” that they have become used to during stage three/stage four.

It is to be noted that exiting the old 3D earth created construct is a process that requires what at first appears to be “isolation”. So deep are the teachings and so intense are the distractions that it would not be possible to illuminate that which is holding you in place within said old 3D earth construct without the movement that your SOUL guides you through.

It is during stage five that re-integration begins.  Your SOUL will begin to push you to start to interact with the human race at increasing levels. This is done in order to illuminate any “echoes” of the teachings of the old 3D earth created construct. The teachings run deep and are to cellular level, releasing them sometimes leaves an energetic echo that must also be worked through and fully released. Indeed it is during stage five that you will be triggered hugely by any echo that is hiding deep within your cellular structure, so it is vital that you view the triggering in TRUTH and to remember that you can only release that which you can see hence the illumination. It is not your SOUL trying to trick you nor is it punishment, both are teachings of the old 3D earth reality construct and are not supported in the New Earth higher dimensional frequency realities.

It is to be understood during this stage that you are re-integrating at a much HIGHER frequency level than you exited and you are a walking transformer in this stage, This is to say that you are now triggering those you come into contact with by your energy signature alone, there is no need for words or to try to “wake them up”, you simply live in TRUTH and your energy signature works to trigger that which THEIR SOUL needs in order for them to move into the awakening stages.













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