Monthly Archives: December 2014

Discovering your true Spirit Connection


When one looks within themselves they will discover their true Spirit connection.  Once you have that knowledge then you will be guided to your purpose.  Stay true to the light and you will find all the knowledge and wonders of the Ancestors.  Ask of Spirit confirmation when you remain unsure of your answers and continue to look deeper within and trust your intuition.

The Creator has a plan for each and every person especially those who are truly awake in all aspects of ones life.  Focus on spirituality at this time!!!!  Remain grounded to the Mother Earth and all your surroundings.  See the beauty in all of creation.  See… Feel.. hear all the wonders around you.  All have purpose and things will escalate very quickly.  The dark will try to deceive and always remain in the Light of Truth, Love and Respect for one another.  Only when you are walking in the light will you find your true and final calling.  The Great purification will come soon and only those who stay on their true path will be guided to their new sanctuary.


It is now time to look within!!!


It is now time to look within and focus on your spiritual self.  Look at your development as a being of light, for now it is time to be shown the knowledge that you seek.  Light is what life is all about.. Feel it’s warmth, safety and knowledge.

Awaken to your frequency and work on increasing your vibratory state.  All life is based on frequency and waves.  Just as with Mother Earth, her oceans regulate her systems, so does the light regulate the human body.

Time is changing, can you feel the change???  The universal clock is merging our systems from the Macro to the Micro, from one dimension to transverse all dimensions.  Work in harmony with the Earth Mother for she is correcting the imbalances.  This is just the beginning and this process will take different stages and magnitudes to fully transform this world.

Be patient, Listen, See & Feel all that has been, is and will be, for humanity is entering into the unknown.  But those who walk in the light will become aware of the truth that has been hidden from all.  Be a good student and truly use all of your being to be guided to the TRUE ORIGINS of your existence.

Purifying your environment

It is very important to clear the energies within your living environment. One must ensure that the house or apartment is smudged and cleansed then you can bring in your salt lamps to keep the atmosphere ionized. Always use what minerals, herbs and crystals that are given to you thru your inner knowing. Everyone is different thus different methods need to be used. Always listen to your inner guidance. Many Blessings and Much Love..

Learning to become the observer!!

In these times that we are living in we will all experience various interactions with many types of beings depending on your frequency. The most important is to ensure that you do not live in Fear and learn to become the observer, so that you can come to a full understanding of certain events. In order for us to fully understand the scope of what is happening, one must be open to receiving the insights that are provided thru spirit. Our entire society has created an illusion of fear and self service. This is not how it is to be, for we are to be living in the highest frequency, that is love and we are to be of service to others and not self. When events occur take the time to analyze the sequence of events. Just because we do not fully understand in the moment, does not mean that things are not happening around us. Always pay attention to the synchronicity and strange events that are out of the ordinary. We must focus on learning how to tune our human vessel and connect to our higher aspects. It is most important to learn to see and hear without bias from previous programming. 77146_783694454979145_106129628_n